Steep downhills on cross-country BC skis (what we call fjellski in Norway) are challenging, but with a little technique you can have a blast. Watch all the episodes of UTE‘s Fjellski School here – made in collaboration with us at Åsnes.

– It’s all about weight, rhythm, movement. Think of it kind of like dancing. With skis on.

Pål-Trygve Gamme, ski educator and programme manager at the Fjellski School, teaches everything you need to know to head out on a safe and enjoyable tur with Nordic BC skis underfoot.

In the series, we go into depth on the choice and use of equipment, skiing technique, skiing history, and safety in the mountains. Among others, Gamme talks to his older brother, the explorer Aleksander Gamme, Øystein Halvorsen, mountain skiing expert at Oslo Sportslager, and an expert on Norwegian skiing history.

Episode 1: Turning technique

In the first two episodes, ski educator and programme leader Pål-Trygve Gamme talks about turning technique on skis.

Episode 2: More on turns

Steeper terrain calls for faster turns. Here you can learn about alpine and telemark turns with the pronounced up-and-down movement – and a dancing rhythm.

Episode 3: Choose your skis

Which skis do you need for your use? UTE’s programme leader, Pål Trygve Gamme solves the problem with a system you might not have seen before!

Episode 4: Which boots and bindings?

Stiff? High? Flexible? Low? And what about bindings? 75mm or BC? Øystein Halvorsen, Nordic BC ski expert at Oslo Sportslager, is here to help.

Episode 5: Skins

How do you use skins on your skis? And can they truly replace the dreaded klister..?

Episode 6: Norwegian skis from 1880 to today

Come with us to the ski museum in Hakadal, og meet (among others) an expert in Norwegian ski history.

Episode 7: Safety in the mountains

Learn to break trail in the mountains safely, both on days with and without the risk of avalanche.

Episode 8: Aleksander Gamme talks pulk

If there’s anyone in the country who knows a thing or two about pulks, it’s Aleksander Gamme. Here he shares what he knows about setting off with a pulk in tow.

Digital tools for the ski tour

Don’t give up if your go-to spots are snowless or unskiable wastes. There could well be untouched, soft powder in them there hills! Read on to find digital tools for finding the white stuff when all hope is lost…

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Firing up the stove in winter

Nothing whets the appetite more than a long day skiing in the winter mountains. Fire up the burner, boil some water for some tea and reach for the packet of dehydrated chilli: paradise found. But doing this in the winter you need to bear a couple of things in mind. So here are some wily strategies to make things easy and safe.

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Choosing the right skin

Short skins have revolutionised trips to the backcountry on nordic skis. Long skins get you to the top. You can nail gliding, climbing, pulling, gripping, poor conditions, good conditions, days when you’re feeling too lazy to wax. We break down material, length, width, care, and everything else you’ll want to know.

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Avalanche skills: how to quickpit

You’re ascending a mountain. You need to assess the stability of the snow. While being safe requires gathering information every step of the way, it’s also true that no one wants to spend an hour in a snowpit, especially in bad weather. So let’s talk about “quickpits” – an efficient snow-profiling method that serves as a very good middle ground for gathering information about snow cover. The technique’s used frequently by experienced guides to gather useful – if incomplete! – intelligence while keeping toes and fingers warm. Here’s how it’s done.

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