Outdoors with dogs

The dog is man's best friend, they say. And for many of us, our dog is a family member and a faithful walking companion. By taking your dog on a walk, you get pleasant company, security and countless fun moments. There is also no hiding the fact that a dog who is often out more will benefit from exercise, be happy and build a much closer bond with you on a walk. By letting the dog take part in most things, you create a good team - because it works together with you.

Learn first aid for dogs

Crister Næss, former Åsnes company stalwart, has several years experience as a dog handler in the Norwegian Armed Forces. For him, taking a first aid kit for the dog as...
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Care for the outdoors dog

All good research on dog training agrees: planning is key for keeping a dog happy and thriving. This applies when adapting to new environments and weather conditions. Ideally, your dog...
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The dog’s mountain code

Norwegian vets say that holiday periods mean more enquiries. The Åsnes Academy has excellent articles on care for your dog in the mountains, including first aid. Here, however, we’ve chosen...
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How to feed a hunting dog

Correct nutrition is the alpha and omega for a healthy, strong and happy hunting dog performing to its limits day after day in the mountains. A well-trained hunting dog can...
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