What is Åsnes Academy?

Åsnes Academy is the digital bible for those who love the outdoors – experienced or about to set off on their first solo overnight tour. There’s advice and information for all. Our promise is to create and facilitate real nature experiences and the freedom that comes with them. Åsnes Academy will be in continuous development. We welcome questions with open arms. If there’s something you’re wondering, or want us to write, make a video, or create a course about – let us know. We’ll do our best to bring your wishes to reality!

The more information you have at your fingertips, the less daunting it is to enjoy nature!

At Åsnes, this has always been our goal and guiding principal: to contribute the tools needed for exploration, for challenging our own limits in real, wild nature. We’re very lucky here in Norway. Nature’s so close. It’s easily accessible to all.

The world’s changed since we first began making skis in the early 20th century. But nature’s still here. And for as long as we can protect it, its ours to enjoy. It’s our certain belief that the more one actively enjoys nature, the more protective we become of it and the happier we are – and the more we seek out the fragile wild. This is therapy for the soul in our restless everyday lives. But we know, too, that many find the prospect of embarking on tours and mini-expeditions a bit scary. Oerwhelming, even. That’s why Åsnes Academy exists!

In addition to the exhaustive information available here, we’ll also be offerring:

In-store training
“Best in class” personal training for the sports industry
Training sessions/ basecamps
Virtual training
Courses and learning sessions for beginners
Access to the world’s greatest experts – literally