Ski, technology and material

This is a small corner of the interweb for the real ski nerd, the one who loves to familiarize himself with materials, thinking technology, ski shapes and technical details. A little deep dive here will give you both brain teasers and deep knowledge of skiing.

Choosing the right skin

Short skins have revolutionised trips to the backcountry on nordic skis. Long skins get you to the top. You can nail gliding, climbing, pulling, gripping, poor conditions, good conditions, days...
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Waxless or waxable skis?

Buying new skis and not sure whether to choose waxable or waxless bases? Maybe you think grip wax is tricky. Maybe you find the convenience of waxless is enticing. Here’s...
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Understanding sidewalls

Sidewalls. All skis have them. Few of us know what they actually do. Join us as we explain how they affect the strength and properties of your skis.
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Tuning steel edges

Tuning and maintaining your steel edges is pretty simple if you have the tools. If you don’t, you can take them to a workshop to have them machined. Everyone has...
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