Planning your trip

Planning trips is half the trip. This can be very enjoyable and is for many a large part of the overall experience of a trip. Trip planning and good preparation can also be the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful trip.

Digital tools for the ski tour

Don’t give up if your go-to spots are snowless or unskiable wastes. There could well be untouched, soft powder in them there hills! Read on to find digital tools for...
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Packing for alpine touring

Some extra clothes, a headlamp and a spare battery for the avalanche beacon. These go in the pack without thinking. But what else do you need? We asked mountain guides...
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Equipment tips for Expedition Amundsen

If you’ve signed up for the “world's hardest expedition race” then you know it’s seriously demanding. Meticulous preparation is absolutely required if you're going to make it to the finish...
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Planning a tour

“Better safe than sorry” doesn’t mean you have to be anxious- Planning isn't just something that makes your trip to the mountains safer – it’s a source of inspiration.
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Tyre training

Get started with tyre training – the best way to prepare for an expedition or the coming ski season.
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The Mountain Code

Being mountain-wise isn’t a question of knowing what you should and shouldn’t do. It’s about having a conscious relationship with nature; the choices you make; the actions you take. The...
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Tuning steel edges

Tuning and maintaining your steel edges is pretty simple if you have the tools. If you don’t, you can take them to a workshop to have them machined. Everyone has...
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Handy packing lists

Packing list is an important part of planning when you are going on a trip. Why reinvent the wheel every time? Here we have some packing lists that you can take as a starting point and turn into your own.